lucy johnstone

  • elderflower cordial and other garden procrastination

    so... today is a painting day and things are not going so famously in the studio but fortunately the weather is dry, rain is threatenin the elderflowers are aging so ... sadly...I have to go into the village, buy some citirc acid (which involves coffee at the Spotty Dog of course) and then I must harvest the flowers and make the cordial before it's too wet or too late!! Ha! Ok so here are some pictures, that's art no? ELDERFLOWER'S STEEPING mmmmmm other things in the garden. A …

  • Gardening from me and Susan Sciama's artists statement. The week is going well.

    The work I am showing for “Wallpaper, paint, string theory and bombglass” is a mix of vivid abstract oils and watercolours with photographs of children being imaginative in the city. The concentrated energy in the urban play-life of children connects in subtle ways with these often nature-inspired paintings. Memories, dreams, internal landscapes interact here. and now from the garden. I have been…

  • Tantallon

    As promised, just back from a visit to Tantallon. The day was glorious and food was wonderful. It's always inspirational to visit the pottery . a war m welcome from rosie who shared her ball withMiro, most kind but it was too hot to romp really.

  • New website. new day

    Welcome to my new website and my shiny new email (red dot) Planning a group show in August in the festival city of Edinburgh. Really excited about the work and how the colletion is going to hang seems like a huge challenge just now but I'm looking forward to a glass and some nibbles once it's on the wall. I'll be previewing work and adding details soon but right now me, Gwen and the hound are off to Tantallon for coffee and some seaside air. Pictures to follo…


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