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    Gardening from me and Susan Sciama's artists statement. The week is going well.


    The work I am showing for “Wallpaper, paint, string theory and bombglass” is a mix of vivid abstract oils and watercolours with photographs of children being imaginative in the city. 
    The concentrated energy in the urban play-life of children connects in subtle ways with these often nature-inspired paintings.
    Memories, dreams, internal landscapes interact here.


    and now from the garden. I have been feeling the need for somwthing a little bit physical. The garden at the front is disappearing under leaf mould from the strip of sycamores which tower over the house and divide the neighbouring fields. I have undertaken the job of re-instating the pathway. work will be slow but rewarding. An hour today resulted in 6 bags of lovely earth and I found the original level of the ground..

    before  before and after......  


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