Scottish Art has a long tradition of narrative and Magical Realism. My choices as an artist have been inflenced by my fathers surrealist works, my mothers love of landscape painting and my own desire to create the magical narratives of life.
Landscapes are influenced by weather, time, events and memory. They speak of reality, myth, possibility, nostalgia. Days so cold and white you would cry, mysterious haars at dawn and comforting, dark mornings that are speckled by city lights or a darkness so complete it silences everything.  Enter into these landscapes the humans who bring their chaos and stories of struggle and redemption, how can there not be magic?

Lucy Johnstone’s haunting paintings express a fierce yet lyrical sensibility.  Evocative landscapes, infused with the changing Scottish light , draw us in, while her mysterious surrealist dreamscapes open even deeper spaces, tinged with humorous darkness.
Her work intrigues and unsettles but also brings us back to the sensual pleasure of resonant colour and satisfying form. We confront gothic creatures, sinister yet joyful in their imaginative richness, among manifestations of the everyday, sombre and beautiful world we live in.
(Susan Sciama; artist/ poet  2019


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